Baby Daddy Season 6

Baby Daddy is a sitcom created and released in the USA.  The creator and the owner of the original idea is Dan Berendsen. The first season premiere episode was broadcast on the 20th of June 2012. The main character of the series is named Ben.

He’s about twenty living his usual everyday life. One day he gets a surprise at his doorstep – a little baby born after an accidental nightstand. Ben finds courage to take care of the baby and raise it together with Danny, his brother and his mom Bonnie. Riley and Tucker are his old friends that also support him. Baby Daddy season 6 release date is about to be announced – scroll down to know more.

Baby Daddy Season 6 date release


The action revolves around Ben – he’s twenty, he’s a bachelor and suddenly he becomes a father of a newborn baby left at his doorstep. He names her Emma and does his best to be a good father to her.

Baby Daddy Season 6

Cast & Characters

  • Benjamin Bon Jovi (named in honor of her mom’s favorite musician and portrayed by Jean-Luc Bilodeau). He’s the principal character of the show. He’s a young bachelor enjoying his life, working in NYC as a bartender. One day he gets home and finds a baby girl that his ex-girlfriend (a one night stand actually) left on his porch. He got to know that the baby was his daughter and he called her Emma. Works in one of New York’s bars together with Danny and loves his life the way it was. Riley is Ben’s romantic interest. However, he fails this relationship. Instead, with every new episode, Danny reveals his true feel for Riley.
  • Tucker Thurgood Marshall Dobbs (portrayed by Tahj Mowry). Lives together with Ben being his best friend and loyal companion in all of his deeds and ideas. Tucker is a friendly, easy-going person. Leaves his career of a lawyer to work on television which has been his long-lasting dream.
  • Daniel Mellencamp Wheeler referred to as Danny (portrayed by Derek Theler). Older brother of Ben. An experienced hockey player. Has been fond of Riley since he was six years old. Develops romantic feelings for her throughout the series. When Riley gets pregnant their relationships get even stronger. In the fourth season, Danny manages to purchase the bar where his brother works.
  • Bonnie N. Walker (portrayed by Melissa Peterman). Mother of Danny and Ben. She’s an outgoing person with a kind heart, loving her kids and Emma. She loves wine and she’s fond of Bon Jovi. She’s blonde with blue eyes. Bonnie is hilarious calling herself a beautiful young woman with ambitions.
  • Riley Perrin (portrayed by Chelsea Kane). Best friend of Ben and Danny that later gets into serious relationship with Danny. It’s said in the series that in the past she was very fat and had to lose 200 pounds. She’s very clever.

Baby Daddy Season 6

6th Season Air Date

The first season release date is the 20th of June 2012. In June of 2016, Freeform channel announced the renewal of the series for season 6. When we get the officially confirmed release date, we will let you know in our future updates.

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