Baby Daddy Season 6

Baby Daddy Season 6 Release Date


On Freeform Channel Baby Daddy Season 6 started to launch.

Baby Daddy is a situation comedy, which was created in America. The person, who decide to launch this serial is Dan Berendsen. It`s season premiere  started in June, in the year of 2012. But nowadays, in 2016, you will see the continuation of the story, in which a lot of positive moments will be shown.


The main cast must be named by that characters:

  • Jean-Luc Bilodeau is the main character in that season. He is the man, who is the bachelor and bartender in New York City. One day he found a baby on his doorstep, who was left by his ex-girlfriend.
  • Tahj Mowry is the best friend of the main character.
  • Derek Theler is an older brother of Ben. He is a professional hockey player.
  • Melissa Peterman is the mother of Danny and Ben. She is a happy and dramatic person, who has a relationship with Brad Walker.
  • Chelsea Kane is a Danny`s best friend. They are going to marry in the nearest future.

The recurring cast is:

  • Peter Pole, who is a handsome agent of real estate. He married with Bonnie Wheeler.
  • Mimi Gianopulos, who is a mother of Emma and she is an ex-girlfriend of Ben.
  • Greg Grunberg, who is a father of Danny and Ben.

The serial is created by Dan Berendsen. The composer is Doug DeAngelis. The executive producers are Michael Lemberg, Dan Berendsen, Vince Cheung, Ziffren, Ben Montanio, and Heidi Clements.


The sixth season will show Ben, who is the men about twenty years. One morning he woke up and realize, that there is a baby on his doorstep. That was a little girl, who is his and his ex-girlfriend`s daughter. So, he decided to raise her, despite all the complications, that he have in his life. Here you can also see Danny`s two friends by the names of Tucker and Riley. And, of course, that wouldn’t be so interesting, if there wasn’t beautiful Bonnie, who is in love with the Ben.

Day by Day they spent a lot of time together because they want to be closer to each other. And little girl grows so quickly when they couldn’t even imagine it.


That is a sitcom, which can be watched by all members of your family. Each person will be very excited. The running time of one new episode is 22 minutes, so it will be not so hard to watch it. Pay attention to the 6th season, because it will be really interesting.

The Baby Daddy 6 Season release date is the 8th of August in the year 2016. Some people also name it as season air date.

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