Attack on Titan Season 2 Release Date

Attack on Titan Season 2 Release Date


Attack of the Titan is like "Game of Thrones": the sudden death of one is immune, and there are no laws here do not work. In the history of the enormous naked guys who devour everything in their path, even deeply involved people far from the anime. Judging by the ratings, season 2 really waiting for at least half of humanity.

The news about Attack on Titan season 2 release date are not encouraging. Attack on Titan season 2 will be released only in Q3-Q4 of 2016. And then – on the condition that work will proceed on schedule. Season 1 consisted of 34 chapters of the manga story and 4 story lines. Now, there are already 69 chapters, but there are only 2 storylines in them. So the delay explanation of season 2 is simple: the creators, Wit Studio and Production IG, offer sufficient material and storylines for the anime.

It means that Attack On Titan season 1 premiere will happen only in the end of 2016 and at first in Japan.


Kenny Ackerman is one of the special kind of people: their blood immunity to hypnosis Reiss, erase memory. Because of this gift of the clan got it in full: they were persecuted and destroyed as soon as possible. Kenny wanted revenge: he made his way to Uri and Rod Reiss house, but the assassination attempt failed – Uri was stronger than it looked. He sincerely (and this is important!) Apologized for all the suffering that kind of Reiss caused genus Ackerman. Gradually, the two became friends, and Kenny joined the Military Police – to protect Uri.

And in the end, the main handsome guy of Attack on Titan season 2 episode 1- Titan Monster. He is muscular, brutal, and fluffy like a monkey. His height – about 20 meters, but it takes strength: so even Colossal Titan from season 1 next to it – a little forest gnome. Monsters have a special skill: he easily manages consciousness remaining giants and could easily inspire them to attack. It is with the appearance of the Titan-2 Monster begin the season.


Among the new characters in Attack on Titan season 2 episode 1 Captain Kenny Ackerman, Uri Reuss, Rhode Reiss, Frida Reuss and Titan Monster. Storylines 2 season revolve around the royal family, so it is expected the number of members of the Reuss dynasty. In the manga Uri Reuss was king before handed over power to his daughter Frida Reuss.

Captain Kenny Ackerman – Levi’s uncle and a member of the Central Division of the Military Police (the one that protects the royal family). Interesting fact: The Story of Kenny as a member of the Military Police begins with an attempt to kill members of the ruling dynasty.

Interesting Facts

In autumn of 2016 in Japan all the fans will be able to watch the full-length anime movies that will expand the universe by telling the story from the very beginning. The creators say that at the end of the second part will be a surprise – a few new stills of Attack on Titan season 2, being intriguing and shocking.

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