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According to the intensity “Attack on Titan” is similar to a world famous “Game of Thrones”. In this story none of the characters is protected from a sudden death, and there are no any laws here. The series tells of enormous giants devouring everybody and everything in their path. Such anime is known to be popular even among people not deeply involved into the world Yuki Kaji, the creator of “Attack on Titan”. In accordance with the popularity season 2 is being awaited by at least a half of anime lovers.

Release date

The news for lovers is not very encouraging: “Attack on Titan” release date is supposed to be not earlier than in 2017. Moreover, it’s possible in case work goes on in accordance with a pre-set schedule. Season 1 includes 34 story chapters with 4 story lines in them. Nowadays the creators are ready to present 69 chapters with only 2 story lines. Thus, the delay of season 2 may be simply explained: the creators are waiting for a proper amount of the material and story lines.


Among the new characters viewers will be able to know famous Captain Kenny Ackerman, Rhode Reiss, Uri Reiss, Frieda Reiss and Titan Monster. The story lines of season 2 are connected with the royal family; therefore such amount of members of the Reiss dynasty is rather predictable.


The Ackermanns are known to be a special category of people: their unusual blood is immune to Reiss`s hypnosis, which fully erases memory. But this gift led the clan to a lot of difficulties: they were always persecuted and destroyed by the enemies. Kenny wanted to get revenge, that`s why he went to Uri and Rod Reiss`s house, but the attempt to kill the antagonist failed as Uri in fact turned to be stronger than he was at first sight. He admitted his mistakes and apologized for all the sufferings which Reiss`s clan caused the Ackermanns. Eventually the two enemies turned into friends, and Kenny became the member of the Military Police firstly to protect Uri.


In the autumn of 2015 a new full-movie animation based on season 1 of “Attack” was presented. The cinema is divided in two parts (all the same events, but in a briefer form). The creators pleased the lovers of anime presenting them a real surprise: they added a few intriguing and long-awaited scenes of season 2.

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Attack on Titan Season 2 "Charge" – CH 47-50 Complete Story

Attack on titan season 2 Teaser Trailer (Eng Sub)

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