Atlanta Season 2

It’s a dramedy released by Donald Glover with his personal participation. The show follows the main characters – two cousins facing a number of difficulties on the way to the top of American rap scene in Atlanta. Throughout the show, they also do their best to somehow improve their personal and romantic life. The viewer will also have a chance to see the way the main characters interact with their loving families and faithful friends.
FX ordered a 10-episode first season in autumn of 2015. The new episode of the first season was released on the 6th of September 2016. Now the fans of the show are waiting for the continuation, cause season 2 has already been confirmed, though the 2nd season air date is yet to be scheduled.
Atlanta Season 2 Cast


The central characters of the show is Earn (portrayed by Donald Glover). He leads his everyday life in Atlanta, Georgia. He constantly tries to redeem himself in his girlfriend’s eyes (she’s also his daughter’s mom) and in the eyes of his family. He failed his studies at Princeton University, that’s why he has no profession and no money to pay for the necessities of his life. Besides, he has no home for his growing family – he’s split between his parents’ home and his girlfriend’s one. His cousin is becoming successful as a musician and Earn tries to revive their relationship in order to realize his dream and become a well-known rapper.


Development of the show started in the end of summer of 2013. Hiro Murai directed the pilot. Later, in autumn of 2015, ten episodes were ordered and first season premiere episode was scheduled. Glover (actor playing the role of the main character) was born in Atlanta and spent his childhood there. He devoted most part of his adult life to music, which influenced general atmosphere of the show.
Atlanta Season 2 Spoiler

Main Cast & Characters

  • Donald Glover portrays the character of Earnest Marks, nicknamed Earn. Together with his cousin nicknamed Paper Boi, he tries to develop his rap career.
  • Brian Tyree Henry portrays Alfred Miles nicknamed Paper Boi. He’s a young successful rapper slowly making his way through the world of rap music in Atlanta.
  • Keith Stanfield portrays Darius – a faithful companion of Alfred.
  • Zazie Beetz portrays Vanessa Keefer, nicknamed Van. Main character’s girlfriend and a mom of their daughter.

Second Season Release Date

FX has officially confirmed the renewal of Atlanta for season 2 in the end of September 2016. We don’t know when exactly it will be released, cause the second season release date of the show is yet to be scheduled.


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