Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2

The Evil Dead franchise is returning to the small screen shaped in the new spin-off entitled “Ash vs. Evil Dead” with the first season hitting TV sets in the previous year. The series is already revived for the second chapter.

Brief review

Are you ready to quake with horror with a new upcoming installment of the comedy series under the title “Ash vs. Evil Dead”? Or have you failed to be acquainted with it? In any case, we are aiming at making all production and plot issues clear for you.
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To begin with, the series is an integral part now of the programming list of the Starz channel in the USA. Combining in itself such genres as action, comedy, and horror, this TV project is not proposing a new concept as it is a reincarnation of the horror series broadcasted three decades ago. Specifically, it a sequel with the main character being already an adult person but becoming, unfortunately, a self-centered drunker.
And now we reached the point of naming the developers of it. As for production studio in general, here it is Renaissance Pictures. The director is the same as thirty years ago – Sam Raimi who is now famous for working on the Spider-Man movie. He has obtained several awards for it, by the way.
The new series was opened at the close of the preceding October. This newbie season included 10 episodes with the duration of each constituting half an hour. Currently, the serial comprises only one chapter and is waiting for its second debut sometimes later this year.

Plot summary

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The famous hero is returning to us together with the new series. However, now Ash is not a student anymore. Thirty years have passed since his adventures and now he is a middle-aged man addicted to alcohol.
Bruce Campbell, the performer of the role of Ash in the previous series is reprising his role here much to our luck as his charisma cannot be replaced by anyone.

Have the replicating of success taken place?

The main question is now whether this project managed at least to replicate the success of the previous franchise broadcasted thirty years ago.
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We are now to present good news to you as the series has generated a positive buzz. Favorable commentaries are coming both from critics as well as from regular viewers. Among them, by the way, there are the followers of the old series. Thus, the developers accomplished their goal brilliantly.

When ca we expect the release of the second chapter?

Due to the positive buzz that surrounds this series, the creative team had nothing in the course but to renew the serial as soon as final episodes were released.
So the current status of the project is the renewal. However, getting closer to autumn, we should expect the exposal of the Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 release date. For today, it is so far unknown but it can appear at any moment now. That’s why we recommend you keeping abreast of the situation on our service in order to get to know everything at first hand and timely.


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