First Dates Season 8

First Dates Season 8 Release Date

First Dates is British series based on real events airing on Channel 4 since year 2013. Produced by Twenty Twenty and described by Brian Protheroe, the show had the number of episodes rise from one series to the subsequent – 6, 8, 9 and 16, with one exception  the last accomplished fifth series only contained five episodes. The program is presently in its seventh series, and the season air date is on August 9, 2016.

About the Series:

First Dates is much prevalent series as it provides a modest relevant human version of dating shows. The premise is as simple as it acquires – a man and a woman eat a meal on a blind date, and check their involvements later on camera. Additional sign of the series’ format being true and actual, besides offering pronounced entertainment, is that many women and men depicted at dinner dates really become couples – many more than typically do after being coordinated up in a characteristic TV dating series. In this season premier, Simon Dickson, Kathleen Larkin, Meredith Chambers, and Kate Morey help as executive producers of this dating show. The season release date is in November, 2016.


Actor Laci Mosley plays a role of Jamie, the sister of Samantha. Actor and comedian Andre Columbus works for stand-up comedy in this series. Entire series cast keenly perform their role.


First Dates is more a simple, but intensely entertaining story. The strangers are prepared up on a dinner date held in a restaurant which simply occurs to be occupied of cameras. What is already a attractive study of human behaviour develops even more lusciously awkward when you toss in the unavoidable weirdness that originates from matching well-known people with normal, is the actual story concept.  

In every half-hour episode of First Dates, a restaurant is occupied with solitary people on real first dates, as taken by thirty distant-controlled cameras.

New episode:

Worst of the First Specials Part2

Worst of the First Specials Part1

Duane and Pamela

Marquie and Jordan


Erica and Gus

Matty and Jeff

Alex and Megan

Sharlene and Brandon

Graig and Holly

Cherise and Tod


Andrew and Marisa

Kenneth and Janice

Denai and Edward

The season premiere has framework of channel’s 2015-16’ primetime schedule.


The plot of series is very popular with the audience because of to its down-to-earth excellence in the phase of online dating.


Interesting Part:

First Dates is very widespread as it offers a simple relevant human version of dating shows.

The interesting part is more than 110,000 applications were acknowledged in 2016 from potential participants, representing high level of audience attention.

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