Arrow Season 5


Arrow is a TV series of an American production that has been created by G. Berlanti, A. Kreisberg and M. Guggenheim. The show is inspired by the character-fighter from comics. The premier of the show took place on 10 of Oct. 2012. The scenes have been filmed in the areas of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


The cast of the show includes the following actors:

  • Stephen Amell,
  • Katie Cassidy,
  • Emily B. Rickards,
  • Colin Donnell,
  • Echo Kellum,
  • Willa Holland,
  • Manu Bennett,
  • David Ramsey,
  • John Barrowman,
  • Colton Haynes,
  • Paul Blackthorne,
  • Susanna Thompson,
  • Josh Segarra.

Arrow Season 5 date release


The show is about the life of Oliver Queen. He is a billionaire who due to certain circumstances has spent five years on a mysterious island. After managing to return home, he decided to become a defender of other people and fight corruption and crime. As his weapon, he chooses a bow and arrow. Oliver has a mother named Moira and a sister named Thea. The name of his best friend is Tommy. The defender spends nights fighting “bad” guys.  He picks the name of the criminal from his father’s notebook. One day, he finds out about the intention of Merlyn to destroy a poorer city’s section. Oliver is helped by Felicity and John to stop the crime. Laurel, a girl whom the main character used to date, is still mad with Oliver because she thinks that because of him her sister could be possibly death.

Arrow Season 5

As the story progresses, Oliver wants to find a solution to stop criminals without killing them. Slade Wilson attacks his friends and the members of this family. Slade really hates the defender and aims to destroy everything that Oliver cares about.  Oliver accumulates the powers and seeks for the help from Roy and father of Laurel. There is also a mysterious woman who also aims to help Oliver. As it becomes clear in some time, the woman in black is the missing sister of Laurel. The girl has managed to survive at sea. Other interesting events and storylines will also develop in the series.


The episode 1 of the show has reached 4,140,000 views. In Australia, the show has received 1,320,000 views, which made it one of the most popular shows. In the UK, the series has received about 1,850,000 views, and in Canada it has drawn around 1,320,000 views.

Arrow Season 5

Most of the reviews received by the series were positive. In particular, the season 5 has received lots of nominations and several awards.

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