Arrow Season 5 Release Date

Arrow Season 5 Release Date


Arrow season 5 premiere is another American adventure series based on the popular DC comic book Green Arrow. Fiction and thriller, drama and crime, adventure and detective – all these genres are combined in one favorite TV series Arrow.

Arrow season 5 release date was scheduled by CW channel on October 1, 2016. Currently there is no news about Arrow season 5 release date on Bluray and DVD, though it will probably happen in the end of 2016.


Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne and Willa Holland in the lead roles will come back in Arrow season 5 episode 1.


In Arrow season 5 release the Main character Oliver Queen not to be envied! He survived a terrible disaster, outcome variables of his life. From the carefree womanizer and spenders, he became a judge and punisher of crimes of others. While behind him a lot of sins. Will he be able to redeem himself before the close, to change the world for the better, and keep his secret? All these questions keep the audience in suspense until now. Overcoming one obstacle in the way stands second. Judging by the fact that all four seasons were unique in content, filmmakers are still many pans and fresh ideas.

Interesting Facts

  • Currently there are four seasons and the fifth season was immediately announced by CW channel. This movie is based on the comic book series released by DC Comics. The pilot issue already came back in 2012 and the fans are still reviewing their favorite episodes comparing them to the original comics;
  • The fifth season of Arrow was confirmed in March 11, 2016. Premiere of the 5th season about the adventures of the brave green archer Oliver Queen will take place in the framework of the television season 2016-2017 years;

For the role of Oliver Queen Stephen Amell diligently visited the gym where he worked in the sweat of his body under the guidance of an experienced fitness instructor. As a result, the actor was able to achieve such amazing results that his naked torso with relief muscles become one of the Main "chip" of the show promo. In addition, at the initiative of the producers in almost every episode of the first season, there is a scene in which Oliver shows "topless".

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Arrow Season 5 and Episode 16 Trailer Breakdown

Arrow Season 5 Trailer Breakdown

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