Arrow 5 Season Release Date

Arrow 5 season release date

Arrow 5 season release date was announced. The details are disclosed further.

Many comic book fans look forward to Arrow season 5 episode 1 though currently they still watch the episodes of the 4th season. What to expect from Arrow season 5 premiere?

The Plot:

The plot of this popular series is based on the famous comic book. TV project Arrow is broadcasted on channel CW. Millions of fans are eagerly awaiting for the release date of the 5th season.
In the center of the series of events is rich and young Oliver Queen, who goes missing on for five years. When everybody thought he was dead, Oliver returned to his hometown. It turns out that all this time he was on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean.
Young billionaire gets to his home, where he is greeted by friends and relatives. However, they did not recognize the former rake and reveler. Something for Oliver has changed dramatically over the years of his absence.

Arrow 5 season release date was announced

The years of solitude made the protagonist finally. Now he is on the path of a heavy ransom for all their sins. Quinn is going to clear his hometown of criminals of all stripes, as well as return the former love Lauren Lance.
To save the city that is corrupted in dirt, lies, betrayal and evil officials, Oliver becomes the super hero named Arrow. At day he is usually rich and at night – he is super hero, on which the villains do not expect mercy.
Arrow 5 season release date is scheduled by CW for October 2016.
There is no information about the release date of Arrow 5 season on DVD and Bluray.
While waiting, please watch Arrow 4 season trailer:

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