Arrested Development: Season 5

The date when the popular Netflix show Arrested Development will be extended by one more season has been confirmed and approved. The new set of comedy episodes are expected on the screens very soon.
Ted Sarandos of the Netflix Network has officially announced that the Arrested Development fifth season will be definitely out. Fans who follow the news on the iconic comedy show since 2013 can stay calm and positive, as the unsure situation with Arrested Development is going to be resolved soon. The series has been on hold for quite some time, and many have started worrying because of the cancellation possibility.
Will Arnett, the actor who plays one of the show’s key characters, has been also positive regarding season 5. Moreover, he confirmed that other actors are also waiting for the filming to begin again. They all seem to be eager to resume their work for this hilarious Netflix project, Arrested Development.
While there have been no updates yet regarding the Arrested Development new season’s release date, we already know that the actors are waiting for it to be resumed. The creators just need to come up with the schedule that fits all the participant.
The alleged Arrested Development release date will be somewhere in summer 2015.
How long have you been waiting for a ‘yes’ to season five?

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