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Archer: season 6 was broadcast by the FX channel from January to April 2015. The fans are already worried about the fate of their favorite animated TV show. Will there be new episodes next season? What have the series’ creators to say about the release of season 7? When will it be aired on TV?

We’ll share the good news first: the popular animated series Archer was officially renewed for seasons 7 and 8. So everybody who enjoyed the spy cartoon show in 2015, will be able to continue doing so in 2016 and 2017. There has been no official release date, and no one knows what would be the plot of the upcoming season 7.


Archer has been running for five years now and has 6 full seasons, 75 episodes in total. The first season of the show premiered on January 7, 2010, while its pilot episode was out four months prior to that, in September 2014. The fifth season had a major shift in the plot: after the CIA closed the ISIS, the main characters moved to Columbia to form a drug quartel. After this turn earned the show, which changed its title to Archer Vice, greater ratings, the writers brought the characters back to their espionage activities. Still, probably thanks to a brief period of Archer Vice and the successful transition back to the spy story, the FX channel decided that the show has to be on for another couple of years.


Archer: the plot and the timeline

The story of Archer revolves around the secret agents working with the ISIS organization (International Secret Intelligence Service) during the Cold War period. The show is titled after its protagonist, Sterling Archer, who was employed by ISIS because his mother is its head. Although he got lucky finding a job, he still has to keep it and try not to look inexperienced in front of the other agents.


The sixth season of Archer was running January through April 2015. While the main characters have returned to doing their work as spies, they are subordinated to the CIA, mainly because the show’s writers have decided to avoid using the term ISIS (due to the confusion with the Islamic organization). The creators of the animated series do not reveal the details of season 7 right now, as well as its release date. Follow our news to keep up with the latest updates on Archer.

Have you seen the latest season of Archer? What expectations do you have of the seventh season?

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