Archer Season 8

Archer is an animated spy comedy TV series for adults created and released in the USA. The creator of the series and the author of the original script is Adam Reed. The release was carried out by FX network with the first season release date on the 17th of September 2009. In June of 2016, the series was officially prolonged for three seasons more. Archer season 8 release date is unknown yet, but FX has promising news to share. Read further to know when season 8 of Archer will be released.


Seasons 1-4. The series concentrates on a master spy working on International Secret Intelligence Service situated in NYC. He’s egoistic and self-centered domineering over people. His emotionally distant mom controls him. He’s also assisted by Lana Kane, his ex-girlfriend. In every new episode, he participate in a secret investigation.

Archer Season 8 date release

Season 5. The spy series turns into Miami Vice-style satire series concentrated on cases connected with the drug industry. Season 5 was titled Archer Vice. American government decided to get rid of ISIS. Members of ISIS decide to form a drug cartel because they’ve got a ton of cocaine collected from the previous operations.

Season 6. A new concept was used for the season and many characters were practically rebooted. The characters become members of CIA.

Season 7. The characters are fired from CIA because of a mission fail. They open their private detective agency in LA and name it The Figgis Agency.

Archer Season 8

Cast & Characters

  • Sterling Malory Archer voiced by H. Jon Benjamin is one of the most dangerous secret agents in the world. He’s selfish and egoistic most of the time. Never takes his cases seriously. However, he skillfully uses weapons of all sorts; he’s a perfect fighter and driver. His everyday life includes sex, alcohol, fast cars, spy equipment and designer clothing.
  • Lana Anthony Kane is voiced by Aisha Tyler. ISIS top agent. Frustrated being treated an agent number two because ISIS is run by Archer’s mom.
  • Malory Archer voiced by Jessica Walter. The head of ISIS and Archer’s mom. A selfish alcohol-addict concentrated on her personal advantage. Has highly abrasive nature.
  • Cyril Figgis voiced by Chris Parnell. ISIS comptroller. He’s competent, but his personal life often becomes a troublesome issue clashing with his professional duties.
  • Cheryl Tunt voiced by Judy Greer. Malory’s secretary often called by different names. A ditzy secretary with masochistic tendencies.

 Archer Season 8

  • Pamela Poovey voiced by Amber Nash. A human resources director. Fond of gossip and very impulsive.
  • Doctor Algernop voiced by Lucky Yates. Heads the research department of ISIS. Has sexual relationships with holograms of anime-style girls. Can make cyborgs out of humans.
  • Raymond Q. Gillette voiced by Adam Reed. An intelligence agent and analyst of ISIS. Openly gay. One of the best and smartest members of the team.

8th Season Air Date

The 8th season of Archer is planned to be released in January of 2017. The producers say that the series will be filmed until season 10.

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