Aquarius Season 3

The two seasons of Aquarius that the project is of an average quality due to the low rating numbers. The producers of the project are yet to decide on the series fate. Can we expect the appearance of the third season on NBC ever? Or is it better to turn our attention to more worthy projects? Let’s clear everything out.

Basic Features of the Series

We have got two successful seasons of this story but what should we say to those who have no idea what the story is about? The series is narrating about the events happening in Los Angeles amidst the previous century, particularly the 60s of it.
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The TV reincarnation of the story is fully the brainchild of John McNamara. Aquarius was chosen as a part of the programming list by producers of the NBC channel in 2015 and in May of that year the first release was held. The second part has been given a summer start in June 2016.

Not Regular Criminal Story

Watching this story will transport you to another place – the city of Los Angeles in 60s of the preceding century. Charles Manson is a cult leader whom the detective named Sam Hodiak is trying to bring to justice.
Who is this cult leader and his so-called ‘family’? It is a person who has a great charisma and is able to pull people into his twisted circle of sex, drugs, and religious lunacy.
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Hodiak and his partner Shafe are set to put the dangerous activity of these people to a stop. How will they manage to do this? What can be useful when finding this ragtag hippie maniac who is entangled in the multiple cases of missing young women?

As Far as Ratings Are Concerned?

The issue is whether this series is worth following it. Surely, it is if to come from the level of viewership the program has garnered during the debut episode. Nevertheless, not everything is as perfect as we could predict. The brilliant 5.5 million watchers dropped to 1 million during the following release of the first season. The second chance was given, nevertheless, and in this summer, the debut has been held.
The chance has been taken – the series ratings have not been improved. The original 2.7 million watchers delivered by the pioneer episode of the second installment have dropped now to 1.8 million people. On Metacritic, the score is also rather average – 58 out of 100. Now the main question is whether we will be able to watch the third installment next year.
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Series Future

The debut in 2016 is not noted for great changes in the situation with ratings much to the regret of loyal followers. The series is now next door to cancellation. It is possible yet not probable that the third season will take place ever but the chance exists still, as we know that the show script is penned for six seasons. Thus, the developers are to bring the story to a head, supposedly.
In any case, let’s keep abreast of the situation with the project and wait for the confirmation of resumption, as well as for the Aquarius season 3 release date.


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