Aquarius 1 Season Release Date

Aquarius 1 season release date
Aquarius 1 season release date is confirmed. What to expect from the new TV project starring David Duchovny?
Perhaps many have heard about the new pilot series Aquarius in where the main role is played by David Duchovny. After closing the series "Californication" he found himself the new body design as the main place of work. When will be released Aquarius 1 season?
The plot:
Aquarius series is the story of a sergeant, the police in Los Angeles (Duchovny) who with his partner begin to work undercover and conduct business psychopath Charles Manson, who will become the leader of the cult of hippies. His group called "Family" was involved in the brutal killings.
In the first season of Aquarius there will be shown 13 episodes. David Duchovny in this series will work as an executive producer as well.

Aquarius 1 season release date is confirmed

Just great news – the premiere of the first pilot episode has already taken place on October 13 during the Cannes Mipcom 2014 show.

Aquarius 1 season release date is March 1, 2015.
What do you expect from the new series?

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