Appalachian Outlaws Season 3

Appalachian Outlaws is a reality TV series created and produced in the USA. It started in 2014 and successfully continues up to the present. Season 2 started on the 3nd of February and concluded on the 6th of April. Appalachian Outlaws season 3 release date will be scheduled soon – just follow our updates not to miss the new episode of the upcoming season.


About a century ago (or probably more) Appalachian Mountains were the Western migration frontier. Pioneers were coming from all over the planet to start a new life in unpredictable, unexplored environment with horrible weather, treachery and betrayal. Not everyone managed to survive – only those having strong will and tough character. It’s high time for the ancestors to show off their skills.

Appalachian Outlaws Season 3 date release

Throughout the centuries, the landscape of the mountains was a wall dividing the Appalachians from the outside world and its influence. The locals behave like their ancestors living here in the 17-18th centuries. NYC is so close, but looks like it’s hundred thousand miles away from there.

Every new episode of Appalachian Outlaws films incredible personalities adapting to the eco-system surrounding them. Every day spent there is a true survival challenge.


  • Mike Ross referred to as Ross deeply cares about his family and goods he sells. He rescues horses, wishing to finish with his hay barn till it gets cold. He understands that his animals shouldn’t starve and bear cold weather because they are the only ones who can save this family in hardest circumstances.
  • Tony Coffman. Sells ginseng in West Virginia. Also deals with selling fur and scrap.
  • Greg Shook. Consumed by selling ginseng. Once got into an accident that almost deprived him of his ability to walk.

Appalachian Outlaws Season 3

  • Obie Bennett is one of the oldest Appalachian inhabitants. He’s got a girlfriend and a newborn kid, whom she’s willing to protect and to take care of in winter. Also deals with ginseng business which is not an easy task especially if you go deeply into the forest.
  • Corby Patton referred to as The General. He’s willing to expand his ginseng business.
  • Appalachian Outlaws Season 3

3rd Season Air Date

The producers still give no official info on the revival of Appalachian Outlaws and its 3rd season release date. When we get to know more, we’ll let you know.

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