Appalachian Outlaws Season 3

Are you a person fond of competitions? Especially, when it comes to the prize that consists in one of the most valuable pieces of land in the world? If you are, welcome to this relatively new project from Original Productions filmed for History Channel.

Short description of the new project

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This serial is a documentary film, which means it depicts the real life. This reality show is broadcast on History Channel. The production studio is Original Productions. The opening of the project debuted in 2014, to be more specific, at the beginning of January. The second chapter appeared on viewers’ screens next year but this time at the beginning of February. And now, let’s study the plot essence of the docu-serial. Now, we have only two seasons at our disposal and hope for the appearance of the third one. The overall amount of episodes is 16.
The serial acting cast includes Robert Patrick, Tony Coffman, and Obie Bennett. These are the main actors in the series. And now, let’s examine the details of the narrative of the series itself. So what is it about?

Plot summary

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To describe the plot in one sentence, it’s about outlaws of Appalachia looking for ginseng to make a living. But now, let’s consider it in detail.
The serial is devoted to those men who work in the Appalachian Mountains. They are diggers, growers, and also salesmen who deal with harvesting and selling ginseng. After all, the Appalachians are rich with it, one of the most valuable crops. Every year, two months are spent there to harvesting this crop. People seem to be crazy about the idea to make a fortune.
The main characters here are Corby Patton and Tony Coffman. They intend to show who the real master of the lands is.

Ranking and chances of resumption

Appalachian Outlaws Season 3 Cast
The competition seems entertaining for the viewers’ taste. The survival fight between Tone and Corby starts to find an audience in the second season when Tony acquires the most fortunate order in his life for the sum of 2000 pound. The suspense is growing from episode to episode. And we have nothing to do but to follow the story. Who is finally to become the top supplier?
And now, let’s talk about the rating numbers of the series. So they are rather average if we look at the IMDb scores, 5.4 from 10 points. And this can be enough for the show to return for the third season. However, the developers seem like still doubting whether the project is worth resumption or not. What do you think? We believe that it is worth trying, at least.
Thus, there are no data concerning the possibility of the series’s renewal. As such, the Appalachian Outlaws season 3 release date remains unknown. So we highly recommend you to stay tuned to keep an eye on the situation and receive the data straight from the source.

Update: Appalachian Outlaws Season 3 Status

Alas, this is not the kind of update you have been hoping for. There is no release date available. The reason we even bring this series up again is that there have been some rumors about a possible release this year. Mind you, that information is not even remotely official. But it is possible that a new episode will appear soon.
Make sure to stay tuned. We will inform you if the news will be either confirmed or proved false.


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