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APB Season 1 Release Date


APB is a brilliant TV serial, which has a lot of drama elements. The season premiere was on May in the year of 2016 and now you can see it in any suitable moment. The APB 1 Season release date is the 10th of May in the year of 2016.


First of all, you must pay attention, that here a lot of people are presented in a cast. Among the Main characters, who will amaze you with the great talent, you will see such people:

  • Justin Kirk.
  • Natalie Martinez.
  • Caitlin Stasey.
  • William Smillie.
  • Adam Mengerink.
  • Alex Zelenka.
  • Ralph Abbas.

The directors of the serial are Duane Clark, Jeffrey G. Hunt, Ami Canaan Mann. Craig Siebels, Len Wiseman. The producers are Trey Callaway, Duane Clark, Matt Nix, Robert Friedman, Todd Hoffman, Dennis Kim, Margot Lulick, Kaley Smalley Romo, David Slack, Len Wiseman.


Here in the center of attention, you will see a tech billionaire, who try to control the district of Chicago Police. He hopes to close different files of murders and the number of it will amaze you. This Story is based on the events, which are earlier presented in the New York Times Magazine. Especially, you must pay a great attention to the article under the title “Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans?”.

There all the unforgettable events will be presented and it will be made by the professional in this deal. Be careful, because each episode is based on a true Story, but here also a piece of a fairy tale is presented.

In one of the presented episodes, you will see a tech billionaire, who just purchase a troubled police precinct. Also, he tries to reboot a private police force and that event will amaze you at all.


This serial will be the most unforgettable for people, who just want to watch something new and unusual. The plot and the Main idea will be Interesting for people of all the ages and you will also estimate it at all.

Besides, the duration of one new episode is very suitable for people, who haven’t enough free time on the serials, like this. So, you will have a great joy, while watching it and that will be a great idea for you and your family or friends.

This information will be really important when you need to name the season air date. 

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APB Season 1 1
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