Annedroids Season 4

Small members of the audience should walk on air now, as the fourth season of their beloved live action comedy is planned to be launched next year. There is the entire year for waiting for new episodes and re-watching it from the very start. Keep abreast of the situation with us and you will get informed of any particulars regarding this show in time.

Highlighting Main Issues

The series serves as a mixture of genres including comedy and  CGI/live action. Additionally, tailored specifically to children, Annedroids provides its viewers with many insightful facts about the world in general. Thus, it can be referred to an educational series as well.
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The broadcast of the project is a matter of concern for various channels in different countries. For instance, in the USA the airing is lying on Amazon, while in Canada, we can enjoy the series on TVOntario.
The major issue is, however, the creation team of the TV program. The spearhead of the story is Emmy-nominated J.J.Johnson. The team of executives is led by Christin Simms. The whole show  comes to be produced by the range of companies involving Sinking Ship Entertainment, TVOntario, SRC, and KiKa.
The premiere was held in all countries in 2014. The third debut has been set in June 2016.

Scientific Experiments and Discoveries

The title implies the name of the main character – Anne. She is a science genius yet being only 11. Together with her best friends and robot assistants, she is making various exciting and often mind-blowing experiments each time discovering more and more possibilities of science.
Specializing in computer programming and engineering, Anne exploits her broad understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) creating androids, as well as improving their functions according to the modern constantly updated requirements.
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Positive Response from the Audience

The lead female character of this series made it popular throughout the world. The nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award is another proof to this statement. The reviews are favorable from both critics and ordinary watchers.
Consequently, the chances of the renewal are good and we ca expect the releases for several following years without worrying about the cancellation of the show.

Following news

The overall educational value of the project, as well as its ability to deliver the value of friendship – all these just compel the developers to keep producing the program.
The renewal has been already confirmed. The broadcast is expected on Amazon and on TVO as well. As for the Annedroids season 4 release date, it is still too early for such things. Its emergence can be expected when getting closer only to summer 2017. Thus, this entire year can be devoted to re-watching the most exciting moments of the show. Stay tuned together with us if you follow this project and you will get informed of any particulars regarding this show in time.


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