Animal Kingdom Season 2

Animal Kingdom is a drama TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by TNT channel with Jonathan Lisco’s official development. The creators of the show got their inspiration from a movie filmed by David Michôd in 2010. That’s why he serves as the executive producer Animal Kingdom. The production matters are also carried out by Liz Watts. The series concentrates on a boy (17 years old) and events happening to him after his mom’s death. He starts living together with the local criminal family known as the Codys. The head of the family is matriarch Smurf (portrayed by Ellen Barkin). The first season release date is the 14th of June 2016. In summer of this year, the series was renewed for one more season to go. Animal Kingdom season 2 release date Is almost announced.

Animal Kingdom season 2 date release

Cast & Characters

  • Ellen Barkin portrays the character of a tough matriarch in the family named Janine Cody and referred to as Smurf. She’s also the estranged grandma of J. She does her best to protect her family.
  • Scott Speedman portrays the adopted son of the Cody’s named Barry Brown referred to as Baz. He leads the robberies in the family. He is selfish and manipulative.
  • Shawn Hatosy portrays the oldest son in the family named Andrew Cody nicknamed Pope. He’s got some mental condition which sometimes creates troubles for the family. In the past, he worked in Folsom State Prison. Obsessively infatuated with Catherine. The family tries to secretly medicate Pope.
  • Ben Robson portrays the middle son of the criminal family named Craig Cody. Addicted to drugs and unpredictable dangerous acts.

 Animal Kingdom Season 2

  • Jake Weary portrays the youngest son of the family named Deran Cody. A secret gay in an unstable relationship with Adrian.
  • Finn Cole portrays a grandson who joined the family after his mom’s death. His name’s Joshua Cody and he’s often referred to as J. His dead mom was a twin sister of Pope.
  • Daniella Alonso portrays the wife of Baz in the first season.
  • Molly Gordon portrays the girlfriend of J.
  • C. Thomas Howell portrays a Navy Lieutenant Commander named Paul Belmont. A dad of Nicky.
  • Nicki Micheaux portrays a detective named Sandra Yates. In every new episode, she does her best to capture the criminal family.

Animal Kingdom Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

TNT channel renewed the Animal Kingdom for one more season that will be released in the beginning of 2017. We will let you know more when TNT shares more news on the release in the official media.

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