Ancient Aliens Season 12

Ancient Aliens Season 12 Release Date


Ancient Aliens is a TV serial, which was created in America. It has the season premiere in April in the year of 2010. But now you have an opportunity to watch and enjoy the 12th season of the serial. The Ancient Aliens 12 Season release date is the 21st of May this year.


Talking about the cast, it is important to mention the next people:

  • Robert Clotworthy and Giorgio Tsoukalos.
  • David Childress and Johnathan Young.
  • Erich von Daniken and Philip Coppens.
  • Jason Martell and George Noory.
  • William Henry and David Wilcock.
  • Michael Dennin and Mike Bara.
  • Nick Redfern and Linda Moulton Howe.
  • Richard Rader and William J. Birnes.
  • Robert Bauval and Sabina Magliocco.
  • Andrew Collins and Kathleen McGowan.
  • Graham Hancock and Robert Schoch.
  • Dominic Steve and Deepak Shimkhada.
  • Sara Seager and Michael Cremo.
  • Logan Hawkes and Hugh Newman.
  • Peter Fiebig and William J. Fulco.
  • Tok Thompson and Rober R. Cargill.
  • Clifford Mahooty and Edwin Barnhart.
  • Ariel Bar Tzadok and Barry Downing.
  • Brien Foerster and Christopher Dunn.
  • Nick Pope and Robert H. Frisbee.
  • Steven M. Greer and Chris O`Brien.
  • Chris Pittman and William Bramley.
  • Graham Phillips and John Brandenburg.

The directors are Susan E. Leventhal, David Silver, David Osper. As about writers, here we must mention Kevin Barry, Deborah Blum, Kevin Burns, Allison Boon, Colin Campbell, Charlie Cook, Kaylan Eggert, Brian Coughlin.


This serial will show the viewers all the disbeliefs and speculative theories about ancient people. Here you will see the real mummies and the people, who want to know more historical facts about ancient people. That season will open the great mystery of aliens, so it is rather important to watch it and to understand the truth.


Only adults will estimate that serial because here you will see a lot of Interesting events. If you have a free time, you can watch it in order to know more about ancient aliens, which come to the Earth planet. Each new episode will be unforgettable.

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