America`s Funniest Home Videos Season 28

America`s Funniest Home Videos Season 28 Release Date


America`s Funniest Home Videos is a reality TV program, which was created in America. Here you will see a lot of funny videos, which were made by the viewers. The season premiere was in the year of 1989, but now we have an opportunity to present you the 28th season. The America`s Funniest Home Videos 28 Season release date is the 28th of October in the year of 2016.


In this TV show you wouldn’t see such big cast, so we can present you the most outstanding people in the cast, who took part here. Among them we will mention the next people:

  • Tom Bergeron.
  • Jess Harnell.
  • Bon Saget.
  • Ernie Anderson.
  • Alfonso Ribeiro.
  • John Fugelsang.
  • Daisy Fuentes.

The directors of the TV show are Vin Di Bona, Averill Perry, Russ Reinsel. The producers are Joe Bellon, Todd Thicke, Richard Connor.


We are sure, that every person knew the format of this show. Here every week the contestants send their home videos to the narrators of the serial. The only one condition is that video must be funny and Interesting. And no matter, who has the role here – person or animal.

Also here we must mention about numerous sections, in which all the sent videos are divided. The duration of each video can be different and then after they will be sent, the narrators make them more Interesting and funny.

The Main aim of the show is to give the people opportunity to compete with each other. Here each video plays a very important role and in each episode, the most Interesting and exciting videos of one or another section are checked.

We must say, that people are ready for different experiments in order to get the money price and to become popular in the jokes world. Sometimes it is too hard to amaze the people and to become the best one contestant, but each year the show got the new format, so it is rather Interesting and pleasant to watch.


In this show you will see, how two genres are combined with each other. Here you will see particles of reality and comedy. And if you have a wish to see the shows with the same plots, you must pay attention to the America`s Funniest People and World`s Funniest Videos.

The running time of new episode is 22 or 44 minutes.

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