American Supergroup Season 2

American Supergroup Season 2 Release Date


American Supergroup is a new musical reality competition, which will amaze a lot of people. It was launched in October this year and the season premiere of it was really unforgettable. So now the second one was made and you can see it in any suitable moment. The American Supergroup 2 Season release date is the 5th of November in the year of 2016.


Here in the cast of Actors, we must mention the only man by the name Dave Styles. He is very talented and charming, so this reality competition will be really adorable and you will be really surprised by it.

Among the producers, we must mention Chad Hoerner, Douglas Falconer, Kevin Waldrop, Anastasia Brown, Barry Josephson, Gary Bridges. The editor is Chad Hoerner. As for the editor, here we must name Cham Hoerner.


The concept of this show is very easy to understand and you can do it by watching the episode you want. There is no necessity to see the first season because the rules are the same and they are repeated each new episode.

In the center of the show, you will see 25 people, who pass the casting. They are talented people, so the judges have no idea of who will be the winner and who will amaze them almost. As for the judges, here we must say, that they are the real experts in the music industry. Earlier with help of them, 5 bands were made and now they are really famous and successful.

In each group of people, who will be presented here, you will see the talents of different genres – vocalist, guitarist, keyboard, drummer, a bass player. This bands try to choose their own genres to work with and here you will see the people, who are good in Latin American music and alternative.

Each day the contestants have a good practice and here they make a lot of efforts to present their skills and to amaze each member of judge team. Of course, each person has the aim to become a winner, but here is not so simple, as you can think of. In the new season, you will see such stars, as Elle King, Jennifer Nettles, Jason Scheff, Abe Blacc.


In this show, people have a great opportunity to show their talents, so they do it to amaze the judges of the project. The new episode will be the most fantastic.

When we talk about this serial, it is very important to mention about season air date.

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American SuperGroup Episode 2 – Taylor Daniel

Ryan Boss appearing Live on American Supergroup TV show

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