American Pickers Season 17

American Pickers is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by History channel with the first season release date on the 18th of January 2010. The production of the show was carried out by A&E TV Networks together with Cinefix Productions. American Pickers season 17 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the series enjoys enormous popularity and stable viewership.


The reality series concentrates on Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travelling all over the US searching for antique and collectible items both for their clients and for themselves. One more cast member is Danielle Colby. He deals with managing Wolfe’s business in the office known as Antique Archaeology. The office was opened in LeClaire, Iowa. Later the business expanded to one more office in Nashville, Tennessee. Fritz also runs his own website. The men experience the so-called free-style traveling – they simply make stops at places looking attractive to them. There are places that they’ve visited several times already.
American Pickers Season 17 date release

The introduction to every new episode is presented by Wolfe and Fritz themselves. However, it was getting shorter and shorter with every new season released. In this introduction, they say that they’re pickers searching for rusty gold on the roads of the USA. They’re looking for attractive ancient things buried in the darkest corners of people’s garages and old barns. Wolfe and Fritz manage to see potential in things that most people consider junk. Each item they get has a history and that’s what makes it attractive. Some pieces can retell you the full history of America.
American Pickers Season 17

Mike and Frank explore barns, sheds, homes and outbuildings of Americans from all over the country seeking antiques and various collectible items. Wolfe has been interested in antique motorcycles since childhood and Fritz has always been fond of antique toys. They even buy old advertisements and signs together with retro film posters and gasoline pumps.
American Pickers Season 17

17th Season Air Date

There’s no info on the future of American Pickers reality series in its 17th installment. However, the show is still going attracting tons of viewers of all ages. Further fate of the show will be announced when season 16 comes to an end. Stay patient and don’t forget to check for the news – American Pickers hasn’t been canceled!

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