American Pickers Season 17

American Pickers Season 17 Release Date


American Pickers is a reality TV serial, the premiere of which started in the year of 2010. That reality become so popular, that people from different areas wanted to see it again and again. Now the 17th season of the serial appeared.


Here you wouldn’t see a big cast, but each episode of the season premiere will bring you the most pleasant and unforgettable emotions. In the center of attention the main cast appear all the time. Among them we must underline the next:

  • Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz.
  • Danielle Colby and Lauren Wray.
  • Robbie Wolfe and Dave Ohrt.

It is created by Mike Wolfe and developed by Stephen Pettinger and Mark Poertner. The serial is directed by Anthony Mastanduno. When we talk about the executive producers, we must mention Mark Poertner, Charles Tremayne, and Mike Wolfe. The producers are Stephen Pettinger, Simon Lloyd, and Julie Cooper.


That show will present you the life of several pickers. They like antique cars and they collect them in order to resale in future. The main idea of such show is to present, how people get of the old cars and the pickers by them by a low price. Then the team of car engineers think over the restyling and improvements, which will make the car cost bigger in several times.

Pay attention, that they didn’t use the expensive things in order to improve the car. They just do the view inside and outside and also check out the engine. They want to improve them and to earn a lot of money.

So, when all the work will be done, they do the sale in order to pay attention of buyers. People come to them and ask for a prices. The first price is rather big, so many people don’t want to spend much money. But then they just name the finished price. After each sold car, they count the money, which are their profit and the results are rather good.


If you have car or you are interested in car repairing, you will be very glad to see such reality serial. The duration of one new episode is about 45-48 minutes, so you mustn’t have a lot of free time to watch it.

The American Pickers 17 Season release date is the 29th of October this year. That will be useful information, when we talk about season air date.

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