American Ninja Warrior Season 9

American Ninja Warrior Season 9 Release Date


On NBS Channel America Ninja Warrior Season 9 started to launch.

American Ninja Warrior is a sports competition, that is also shown on TV. Here you will have an opportunity to see a lot of talented competitors, who do a lot of efforts to increase their strength and to show their possibilities.


Here you will see a lot of ordinary people. But we must also mention the cast, which will help to understand, what is the level of the show. So, here we have:

  • Blair Herter.
  • Alison Haislip.
  • Matt Iseman.
  • Jimmy Smith.
  • Jonny Moseley.
  • Angela Sun.
  • Akbar Gbaja-Biamila.
  • Jenn Brown.
  • Kristine Leahy.

It was created by Ushio Higuchi and directed by Patrick McManus. The story is presented by Matt Iseman, Kristine Leahy, and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila.

Among the executive producers we must mention Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Antony Storm, Brian Richardson, and Kristen Stabile. The producers are David Markus, Briana Vowels, Royce Toni, John Gunn, J.D. Pruess, Max Poris and Matthew Silverberg.


That TV show season premiere will present you the ninja challenge, in which a lot of qualified people take part. The main aim is to struggle with each step of the competition. They cross a big amount of miles and visit a lot of cities. Despite the weather conditions, they must move and do their best to win the price.

Each season is so interesting and exciting because nobody knew, what will happen next. In previous seasons you will see, how hard it is to follow the aim, but there always is a couple of people, who can survive and struggle, despite the difficulties.

The rules are so easy, so a lot of people want to try their possibilities. But here you can see, that even the first competition step can be so serious and full of dangerous things.


In that reality show, every person can find the best and the worse character. You can follow them and wish a good luck. Besides, each episode is always full of pleasant and pure emotion, which can`t be forgotten.

The chiefs of the show are rather interesting people, so they try to make the watch more unforgettable. If we are talking about the running time of one new episode, we must say, that it is approximately 36-128 minutes. Everything depends on the stage of the competition.

The American Ninja Warrior 9 Season release date is the 14 of September in the year of 2016. When we talk about the season air date, we must use the same information.

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Jessie Graff at the Los Angeles Qualifier – American Ninja Warrior 2016

Jessie Graff at the Los Angeles Finals – American Ninja Warrior 2016

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