American Ninja Warrior Season 8

A hard competition is to return to the screens on NBC in the form of season 8. New courses with more obstacles are to appear on screens in order to please the show fans with the anticipated game. How would the competitors manage to cope with challenge? Let’s wait until June.

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American Ninja Warrior is reckoned to be a spin-off to the Japanese sports show titled “Sasuke”. The debut was set as far back as 2009. Thus, it has 7 years of success and popularity. What made the viewers be nailed to their screens every Monday when a new episode appeared? And who are the hosts of the show? Let’s find it out!
The show is devoted to the competition among various people from all over the US country. The participants of the show should cope with a great number of obstacles of various kinds on the way of achieving the new stage. “Mount Midoriyama” is the name for the given obstacle course. The first three seasons were shot in Japan, on the original area. Beginning from the fourth season of the show, the developers decided to move the filming to Los Angeles. There are four stages consisting of different obstacles. Let’s discern them somehow:

  • Stage 1 includes obstacles that put the competitors’ agility and fastness to test. The first stage has time restrictions and only the competitors who manage to accomplish it within these restrictions will gain a possibility to complete the following stage.
  • Stage 2 consists of barriers that are to test the strength and speed. The time limit is also supposed to be here.
  • Stage 3 involves barriers for improving the participants’ upper body and grip strengthThis stahe has no time restrictions.
  • Stage 4 is reckoned to be a 75-foot rope that the participants should accomplish climbing it in less than 30 seconds.

The producing team of the show includes: Viki Cacciatore, Haylee Vance, Kent Weed, Anthony Storm, Holly Wofford, and some others.
Originally the series was hosted by G4’s American popular television personality named Blair Herter, and a famous actress being a correspondent in her past Alison Haislip.
In the second season, a popular American actor, comedian.
The TV producer Matt Iseman joined the team, replacing former one.
Jimmy Smith was brought to co-own the sports series alongside with Alison Haislip who was presented as sideline reporter.
As far as season five concerns, two freshers were added. Former footballer Akbar Gbaja-Biamila made the spell to Jonny Moseley.
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When is the 8th season to come out?

We have great news from the NBC channel! The thing is that the most popular sports show in America is going to continue in the eighth season. The American Ninja Warrior season 8 release date is announced to be June 1, 2016. Pay attention that the traditional day of broadcast was moved from Monday to Wednesday. Matt Iseman, as well as Akbar Gbajabiamila, will return to present the sports show, and they will be assisted by Kristine Leahy.


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