American Lawmen Season 2

American Lawmen Season 2 Release Date


American Lawmen is American TV serial, which will present you an outstanding plot and events. The season premiere was on this year and now you can see the most outstanding second season. The American Lawmen 2 Season release date is the 15th of March in the year of 2016.


This serial will amaze you by the brilliant plot and the most professional and experienced cast. Here among the Main and recurrent characters you will meet:

  • Todd Schick and Mathieu Burdan.
  • Patrick McFadden and Drew Moss.
  • Virgil Howarth and Neil Affleck.
  • Jessica Allen and Joe Anastasio.
  • Werner Artinger and Bubba Baker.
  • Ben Ball and Ry Barrett.
  • Chris Batchelor and Neil Bennett.
  • Selena Broughton and Alan-Michael Brunet.
  • Mark Buck and Jimmy Cappellano.
  • Matthew Carvery and Sarah Charley.
  • Julian Christopher and Craig Cyr.
  • Sheelagh Daly and Kate Dickson.
  • Alyssa DiMarco and Jeff Ellenberger.
  • Steve Fifield and David Brandon George.
  • Brian Harney and Demetri James.
  • Tracy Jennissen and Yuri Kaplan.
  • Trevor Ketcheson and Alysa King.
  • Will King and Michael Lipka.
  • Fabio Luavarghi and Dwayne Mailman.

The directors of the serial are Jeff Vanderwal, Mark Mainguy, and Daniel Grant. Among the producers, we must name Jeff Vanderwal, Kim Bondi, Sherri Rufh, Malcolm Davidson, Susanne Chapman.


Each of the presented episodes will show you the one person and the most outstanding moments of that time. In the Main role talented investigator by the name Allan Pinkerton will appear and he will make everything, which he can to uncover the conspiracy. Few episodes earlier here appear the chronicle events, which will present you the Little Italy in the previous century and you will remember this moment for a long time.


If you like hiStory and different facts about it, this serial, especially such season will be one of the greatest. It is made for adult people only, so children aren’t allowed to watch it at any time. The new episode will present you a huge amount of events and you will be satisfied with it.

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American Lawmen Season 2 1
American Lawmen Season 2 2
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Pinkerton Infiltrates Plot To Assassinate Lincoln

American Lawmen (2016) Season 1 Episode 1

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