American Horror Story Season 6

The long-running horror story about supernatural creatures under the unobtrusive title “American Horror Story” has got another revival this time shaping in the sixth season which premiere day should be yet defined by the developers of the project.

What should we know exactly about this horror serial?

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The executives of the show named Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk finished their work on the project under the title “American Horror Story” if to be more concrete on its pioneer season as far back as 2011. Since this time, the horror drama keeps being renewed by the producers of the series home channel titled specifically FX.
What differs this particular series from others is that in each installment appearing on screens every year another new story is introduced to the watchers. Consequently, we are dealing with various action time and places. For instance, in the opening season, we are presented a story in Los Angeles while the narrative of the sophomore chapter is set in Massachusetts. The third action is held already in New Orleans with the fourth one getting us to Jupiter, Florida. As for the time, the plots turn to be back to the previous century with the exception of the first and the latest fifth seasons where action is held in 2011and 2015 correspondingly.

As far as the narrative is concerned

With the variety of stories depicted in the serial, we have nothing to do but to highlight only one of them. It will be more logical to choose the first or the latest one. Let’s turn our look to the recent chapter.
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So the latest story takes place in Los Angeles in 2015 as you remember. It is referred to as “Hotel”. This plot is narrative of the lives of supernatural residents of the hotel named as Hotel Cortez.
This particular story stars the magnificent and eccentric Lady Gaga performing the part of a vampire queen. She is the host of this refuge.
It should be noted that the fifth chapter is packed with quite indecent scenes full of dark and sexual things. So keep your children from TV screens during the time of broadcasting of this serial if they have failed to fall asleep.
The hotel turns to be also full of prostitutes, revengeful former lover ghosts and insane cops and all this crazy abundance is joined by transgenders. So this particular story is aiming to drive you mad.

Reviewing the results of the broadcast

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The serial is considered to be one of the most popular projects of this genre. The main purpose of the series is to fracture the boundaries of normal. While watching, you find yourself terrified. Everything seems to be outrageously abominable but you can’t just give up viewing it.
As for the current posture of affairs, we are aware of the fact the serial has been resumed for the next installment. Though there is no certain data concerning the American Horror Story season 6 release date, it is known that we can expect it later this upcoming autumn.


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