American Horror Story 4 Season Release Date 2014

American Horror Story 4 season release date

American Horror Story 4 season release date is defined. Fans of this popular supernatural and drama series know for sure when to turn on their TVs to enjoy the new episodes.
The number of viewers who watched the premiere of the third season of AHS is ??5.54 million people, and in the demographic group of 18 to 49 – 3.87 million. These figures exceed the figures of the previous season, the second season had numbers 44% and 39% (18-49), respectively.
The first season of American Horror Story told us the story of the Harmon family, where the unfaithful husband for the sake of his marriage buys an old house in Los Angeles. Soon the new residents of dilapidated mansion find out that all the ghosts of those who died in it live beside them. Many fans of horror noticed that at some point they even closed their eyes with their hands, it was scary that much. And such bar for the TV show is unusual. That is why the show got the huge critical acclaim.

American Horror Story 4 season release date is defined

The second season was called AHS: Asylum disclosing the horrible secrets of a mental hospital, where the journalist is flagged as a patient. We should also mention the cast of the series, whose workshop the game and praised by critics and audiences. These people are so talented, especially mention Jessica Lange. The series revealed such stars as Evan Peters, T. Farmiga, Emma Roberts and Jamie Brewer.
The creator of the successful show is Ryan Murphy (Glee). He calls American Horror Story as his best work despite all praise his other TV shows received.
The show’s leading actress Jessica Lange said that the third season will be the last of her participation in negative roles. In a recent interview with Los Angeles Times, she said that she wanted to leave the show American Horror Story after another (fourth) season. In the third season, she plays the role of a powerful witch Fiona Hood. The show creator Ryan Murphy said that he would like to star Jessica Lange, seen in its fifth season, but the actress has other plans in this regard. With regard to the output of the fourth season, we sincerely believe that it will happen.

Confirmed American Horror Story 4 season release date

On November 6, 2013 FX Channel has officially renewed for a fourth season of the show represented by CEO of FX Channel John Landgraf who is  very pleased with the ratings of the third season, and hopes that the creators will make the fourth even better.

American Horror Story 4 season release date is 8 October 2014.  
Were you scared when watching this show? Did you like it?

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