American High School Season 2

American High School Season 2 Release Date


American High School is a new documental TV series, which was created in America. The season premiere was on October in the year of 2016, but now the second one will be available for you. The American High School 2 Season release date is the 12th of November in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast of Actors, it is important to mention a lot of talented people, who appear here. They will amaze you by brilliant play and you will be satisfied by their work on it.

The director and filmmaker are Marcus Plowright. The executive producers are Joe Evans, Neil Crombie, Swan Films.


This serial will present you an unusual Story, which will adore lots of people. This documental serial will present the audience the senior year in high school and the experience of Orangeburg-Wilkinson. All the events are held in the African-American school, in which children with different features of character study.

But very often here appear the people, who teach in the school for the last year and that is really significant time for each of them. So, the pupils try to compel the key moments and they believe, that the life after graduation will be happy and full of unforgettable moments.

All the details of teenage lives will be shown here and it is so Interesting to see and enjoy. Here a lot of time will be used for teenage mothers, which ae the real hopes of League. So, the film creators try to show all the spheres of school life and here a lot of moments are rather lively, that you will remember you school years.

The Main characters of this Story are also very amazing and you will love them. Each time they deal with different problems, but despite them, their lives are full of excited and extravagant events.


To be honest, the purest feelings this serial will cause for teenagers because here they will have a great opportunity to get the answers on all the presented questions. Each new episode will be easy to watch, so in any suitable moment, you can gather all your family and watch this serial with an unusual plot. And it is so easy to relax while watching it.

The season air date is an important thing because it will help to understand when the serial was launched.

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