American Dad: Season 12

The new fresh, twelfth season of American Dad is expected to be released in 2015. It is this year that the admirers of the show will be able to watch the new episodes from the cartoon family members’ lives.
It is indeed a great relief for all those who anticipated the 12th season. While the channels have an inclination to cancel the underrated shows, it is not the case with American Dad. The TBS channel has confirmed another 22 episodes of the series, and it will share the latter with the Adult Swim channel.
For people aged between 18 and 34, American Dad plays a significant role as an entertainment show. These stats coincide with the swift incline in popularity of the TBS channel in October. Apart from that, the animated series was rated 5th among the shows with a target audience between 18 and 49. The audience of the season 11 included around 3.1 million viewers.
Deborah K. Bradley, the head of Turner Broadcasting System and its executive VP, stated that the administration is greatly satisfied with the American Dad series and its success. The statement also contained expectations regarding the show’s future success.
The President of the 20th Century Fox, Mr. John Davis, has also highlighted the huge success of American Dad and its significance for the reputation of the TBS channel. Like Bradley, he also expressed his anticipation of the upcoming episodes of the show. He said he is looking forward to some new exciting adventures from Seth, Matt, and Brian.
The twelfth season of the American Dad series is planned to air in fall, 2015. What anticipations do you have?

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