American Crime Story Season 2

While comparing modern series, the common feature they may have is whether a show fictional or based on a true story. Certainly, many viewers prefer interesting and intricate plots, which, however, are devised by filmmakers. But a huge part of the audience is crazy about criminal series based on real events. Such as, for example, an American project American Crime Story broadcasted on FX channel, the pilot season premiere of which was released not long ago. The first part of the series ended a few months ago, and the fans of the program have been inquiring for a long time whether American Crime Story season 2 will be presented soon or the first season turned to be the last one. Release date of the show, unfortunately, hasn’t been officially announced and there was no information about when the next new episode is to debut, so the audience cam do nothing but wait for the coming of season two and hope for its soon return.

Production Info

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On February 2, 2016 the first season release date was premiered. That part of the program consisted of 10 episodes lasting from 41 to 58 minutes.
The idea of American Crime Story was borrowed from Jeffrey Toobin’s story, who wrote the book The Run of His Life: The People vs. O.J. Simpson. The plot of this story was developed by Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander, working in cooperation.
Executive producers, developing the show and responsible for the following season start, are such as:

  • Brad Falchuk;
  • Nina Jacobson;
  • Ryan Murphy;
  • Brad Simpson;
  • V. DeVincentis;
  • Dante Di Loreto.

The main distributor of American Crime Story is 20th Television. A few companies producing the series are likely to develop its next part too; the channel which is sure to present the following renewed season air date in case of renewal is FX.
American Crime Story Season 2 Spoiler

Plot Review

The basis of the first season of the project is a well-known criminal case connected with O.J. Simpson, a killer, whose trial was popular in America. This is the case, described in the book of an American lawyer and analyst Jeffrey Toobin became the background for the creation of a documentary series with a bright cast, which has gained popularity among the public.
Currently there is still no information about possible plot of the second season, but if it appears, the authors will probably announce it immediately.

Prospects for Continuation

On IMDB the rating of the project is 8.5/10, and this is very good for the only season of the show. The star cast of the series (well-known John Travolta, vivid Sarah Paulson and Courtney B. Vance and others) is highly appreciated by the viewers, and the finale decision about the renewal of the program just cannot be connected with the creators’ refusal to making American Crime Story. Stay tuned to be the first to find out the schedule of the following season two and make sure that the future part will not ne the last one.


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