American Crime. Season 3


American Crime is a crime drama with anthology elements. Here in the third season, we can see the peculiarities of gender politics and the lives of the participants. All the complications of the power will be shown here.


That serial is full of bright and unforgettable events. But the most important here are the actors because their roles are rather complex. Among them we can name the following:

  • Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton.
  • W. Earl Brown and Richard Cabral.
  • Benito Martinez and Caitlin Gerard.
  • Elvis Nolasco and Penelope Ann Miller.
  • Johny Ortiz and Lili Taylor.
  • Connor Jessup and Trevor Jackson.
  • Joey Pollapi and Regina King.
  • Angelique Rivera.

The serial is created by John Ridley. The composer is Mark Isham. Among the executive producers, we must mention Michael McDonald and John Ridley.


The events of the third season take place in North Carolina. Here we can see a lot of deals, which are connected with the economy of the country. People here have a lot of rights and it is rather hard to understand what is going on. To estimate the aim of the serial start to watch it from the first season.


Do you like films, which are connected with politics? If your answer is yes, you must watch this serial. Each episode of the third season lasts 43 minutes. That time is available for all the people. So you can see it every evening or on the weekends.

It was made artificially, but in some situations, you can see the truth. Pay attention, that the serial is made for the adults, so the child is not allowed to see it. Besides, it will be hard for them to understand the main idea and to enjoy the serial at all.

The American Crime season 3 release date is the 7th of August this year.

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