The Amazing Race Release Date

The Amazing Race Release Date


The Amazing Race is a reality show of American production. It is about the racing competition that has 12 legs. Each team is required to follow clues, interact with people, travel through foreign areas, and encounter different mental and physical challenges. They can use different transportation options if the money given them by the show is enough for this. The first team arriving at the final destination wins one million American dollars.

The program was launched in 2001. Currently, it has twenty-eight seasons and three hundred thirty-one episodes available. The premiere of the twenty-ninth seasons is experienced to be shown in 2017.

The creators of the show are B. van Munster, E. Doganieri.


Since the inception of the show, lots of people have taken a part in it. The winners of the show are the following participates:

  • Rob Frisbee,
  • Alex Boylan,
  • Kendra Bentley,
  • Uchenna Agu,
  • Chip Arndt,
  • Kim McAllister,
  • Brennan Swain,
  • Chip McAllister,
  • Chris Luca,
  • Flo Pesenti,
  • Zach Behr,
  • Reichen Lehmkuhl,
  • Freddy Holliday,
  • Joyce Agu, and other.


Usually, the show has 11 teams of 2 persons who have to race all over the world. There are 12 legs, and each episode is dedicated to one leg. A Pit Stop allows each team to have some rest to recover. The first team arriving at a Pit Stop is awarded an attractive prize, for instance, a trip, and the last one is usually eliminated from the participation in the race.

It is possible to have a leg of a double length. Upon arrival to a Pit Stop, a team is told to continue its race. Only three teams remain on the last leg. Only one team, the one arriving first, receives one million American dollars. It takes up to a month for each race to be completed.

Teams received clues in envelopes. Route Markers are boxes that have yellow, red, and white envelopes. These are needed to determine the next destination.  It is possible to use various types of transport, including boats, buses, planes, taxis, trains, as well as rented vehicles. It is also allowed to travel by foot.

The show provides a certain budget for teams, and its members can only use this money. If a certain amount of money remains after the completion of one leg, a team can use it for the next legs.


The show has won many Primetime Emmy Awards. It has also become the winner of many other awards. Each season of the show in average reaches 10,000,000 viewers.

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