Alaska Haunting Season 2

Alaska Haunting Season 2 Release Date


Alaska Haunting is a reality TV serial, which was created in America. Here you will see the paranormal activity, so people with the weak nervous system mustn’t watch it. The season premiere of it was on September in the year of 2015. But nowadays you can enjoy the newest season. The Alaska Haunting 2 Season release date is the 13th of March in the year of 2016.


Here in the cast, we must mention only the narrator. His name is Anthony D. Call and he is a real professional in this deal. With help of his magical voice, the Story started to be mysterious and Interesting.

In the role of producer, we will see Stephen McLaughlin. The editor is Jimmy Tarsi. Makeup department is known by Brielle McKenna. The production manager is John Mele. The editorial department includes Kevin Taddei and Eric Ramistella.


In that serial, you will have an opportunity to see the frozen heart of Alaska. A lot of people knew the myth about this place. They are sure, that here the real monsters live and they can attack people at any suitable moment. So, in each episode, you will see a poltergeist and local people are really disturbed about it.

Here you will also see the support team, that is ready to overcome all the problems in order to make humanity happy and save. But some of the people, who were in such team are dead because the paranormal influence was very strong.

In that season of the serial, you will be shown Exorcism, Ghost Asylum, Alaska Monsters. Here all the ghost stories will come true. A lot of viewers will be intrigued with the plot, but sometimes it is rather scared, that even an ordinary person can`t overcome and forget it.


If you are not scared of the previous information, that serial was made for you. Here you will see a lot of peculiarities, which will influence the life on Earth. When you will understand it, you will have the question, the answer on what isn’t find.

Each new episode will bring you unforgettable emotions, so the serial is of high quality.

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