Airport: Below Zero Season 2

Airport: Below Zero Season 2 Release Date


Airport: Below Zero is a new documental serial with thriller elements. The season premiere was in October this year, and if you like it, the continuation of the Story will be available for you. The Airport: Below Zero 2 Season release date is the 31st of October in the year of 2016.


To talk about the cast, it is rather difficult to memorize one or another person, who appear here. This serial is full of unforgettable events and you will have an opportunity to see it from the beginning until the end.

The producers and directors of such a serial are Mashall Jay Kaplan and Our House Media.


In the new season, you will see the everyday operations, which appear in Edmonton International Airport. It is located in Canada and you will see a lot of events, which are the cause on Gateway to the North. Here you will be shown a lot of everyday operations and they will have a true balance of the airport life.

In the new episodes you will see a lot of new flights to different geographical positions, so here the usual work is required. In the new serial, you will know all about medical emergencies, heavy blizzards, lost passengers and other troubles, which can happen. The life of boards and flight attendants are also shown – these people are busy 24/7 because their Main aim is to make flights comfort to all the passengers.

In the new serial, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the serial and the episodes of it.

Each episode begins with the Story of one or another person. In some moment it can be a passenger, but in the other – the Story can be presented by the person, who works here. Besides, you must know, that each new episode is rather exciting, so you will be satisfied with it.


People, who want to work in airports or who just want to travel by plane, must see this serial to notice all the necessary and important information. You will be glad to see that serial because it is really great. A lot of adults estimated it and they are waiting for the new season of it.

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