Agency 48 Through the looking glass (Pilot)

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The serial “Agency 48 Through the looking glass (Pilot)” has its aim to help people. People all over the world came here to listen to the truth, because they know, that here only professional agents works.


Bea W. Bliss plays the role of Agent Marissa Stone, Will Liberman is Agent Conner Grimes. Darryl W. Handy is the Captain Richard Bishop. Also the extra roles are played by Sir Brondie, Jim Gann, Carl Clemons, Christopher Martin and Victoria Tsymbal. The director of film is Brian D. Moody.


This season tells the story about the captain and his unusual situation. The accident takes place before the work of agency was reorganized. And the people, who work here, especially Agent Marissa Stone and Conner Grimes wanted to know the reason of such crash.

There were a lot of versions, according which the result of such accident can be shown. But here the situation was not so obvious and understandable, so the professional agents wanted to know, what it means.


With the arm on my heart I can say, that such serial will be interesting for people of many ages. It will help us to value the life and realize, that it can be broken in any time.

Especially we must mention about the brilliant play of actors – each of them knew his own role and feel it. This film is not just interesting for watch, but also is very good for discuss. Here are a lot or hard situations and they are very special – the intrigue` lasts for series.

So, if you want to see something unusual, you must pay attention to the new episodes of the serial, which will be available in the nearest future. The released date is the October 2016, so in a couple of weeks you can see the mysterious serial of professional agency number 48. After the first episodes you will understand, that it will take a lot of time to understand the main plot.

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