Agatha Raisin Season 2

A new dramedy on British television seems poorly suitable to survive in this harsh competitive world packed many worthy projects. The pampered audience is not ready to swallow any projects now, which is obvious and right. The central question, however, is whether we will get to know about this series’s revival. The last release was not successful, after all.

General Info

Describing the project, we believe that all the key aspects should appear on the surface. So that out subscribers could read them, naturally. So, let’s not waste any more time and make a quick start.
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This dramedy series, Agatha Raisin, is based on the eponymous book by M.C. Beaton. It appeared on the TV screen thanks to the efforts of Harcourt and Chris Murray who had penned the script
The team of executives includes such names as Cameron Roach, Michele Buck, Barry Ryan, Kathleen Hutchison and Stewart Harcourt. The project is a collaboration attempt of Mammoth Screen and Free@Last TV.
The cast includes Ashley Jensen, Katy Wix, and Matthew Home – they are the lead performers.
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And now, let’s describe the broadcasting details briefly. The general premiere of the first season was held in this past June 2016, following the successful debut of the pilot episode dated back to December 2014. The first installment contains eight episodes with the duration of each one constituting one hour.

As far as the plot is concerned

As the title implies, the main heroine’s name is Agatha. She is a professional in saving relations. One day she makes up her mind to change her life completely. She leaves London and moves to a small town. It seems to her that it is a peaceful place. But it is only at first glance. Soon, she becomes engaged in investigating a range of criminal cases. In the first case, by the way, she is a suspect.

How was the story received?

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The reception rather average, frankly speaking. The series failed to catch the audience’s interest, though it was expected that it would. To not beat around the bush, let’s just clarify these figures. According to IMDb, the rating of the show is 6.6 out of 10. Well, it is average indeed. What is with the amount of viewers with each episode coming on screens? It is also average, and even less than with the scorings on various survey websites. It hardly reaches 1 million people. Maybe for Sky1, it is enough, but the renewal has not been made for the second installment yet. Let’s revise this question in detail.
The current status of the project is so unclear that we don’t even know of the possibility of the second season launch. Surely, we cannot speak about the Agatha Raisin season 2 release date. There is still a chance that the developers will give the dramedy another opportunity to improve the ratings. If it fails for the second time, a cancellation will be inevitable.

Update: Agatha Raisin season 2 Release Date

It feels good to bring people good news. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver such news at this time. How come? Why, the answer is rather simple. There’s still no word about the possibility of the second season’s release.
Now, that doesn’t mean that a new episode will never be released. It still might be. However, it remains unclear when such a thing might occur. Stay tuned to receive timely updates!


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