After Hours Season 2

After breaking with his girlfriend, a young guy should find powers in his soul to live further. One day he turns to listen to the local radio station called After Hours. The series is a comedy and a drama in one pack. So be ready for jokes here also. The series resumption is still questionable that’s why stay tuned in order to receive info timely.

Brief review

The previous year was noted for us for the release of another portion of comedy drama on the Sky 1 channel. The series comes to be scripted by Molly Naylor and John Osborne while the directorial issues are resolved by Craig Cash.
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The series stars James Tarpey, Susan Cookson, Jaime Winstone, and some others.
The fabrication company is presented here by Jellylegs production. The first release is dated back to November of the previous year and comprises six episodes. Thus, we can expect the appearance of another chapter this upcoming autumn.

What is here depicted?

The main character of the story is a young guy. After breaking with his girlfriend, he should find strength in his soul to live further. One day he turns to listen to the local radio station called After Hours.
The heartbreak has been so strong that he is unable to find solace in his friends or family. So, nobody can help him.
The action is set on a long boat, the working place for the station. It is run by two charismatic people who meet a young fan and then get him on board.
The series will follow his way to recovery with a magnificent depiction of events unfolding in his life during this path.

Ratings and reviews

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Though the series has failed to give birth to buzz in the media, the general response from the audience has turned to be more than just simply positive. Many people are noting in their commentaries that the serial is rather realistic in the way of the depiction of events of the narrative. Others are favorable about heartwarming and funny jokes. To make a long story short, it is perceived as something actually good. And the marks on various websites are proving this statement. On IMDb, the scoring constitutes, for instance, 7.8 points out of 10, which is more than average even reaching the perfect point.
Thus, the series is worth its further development. But how are things going with the resumption for the next chapter? Is it already a confirmed issue or not?

Regarding the following chapter

The current situation cannot gladden us with something really promising and inspiring. The reason for this is the absence of info regarding the possibility of the renewal, as well as concerning the After Hours season 2 release date.
Nevertheless, we should not hang down our heads so far, as there is still some time for developers if predicting that the launch timeframe is considered to be this November 2016. Let’s wait for some time and only then start worrying. Now the situation is stable and needs only patience from us.


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