The Affair Season 3 Release Date

The Affair Season 3 Release Date


The Affair is a drama series at first went on Showtime channel in 2014. After the successful first season of the show, the creators of the TV project was extended for a second season, which viewers saw in the fall of 2015.

The Affair season 3 release date was scheduled by Showtime for November 20, 2016. However, currently there is no any information about The Affair season 3 release date on Bluray and DVD.


The leading roles in Blacklist season 3 episode were given to Nikki Robinson, Dominic West, Michael Goderich, Victor Williams, Ruth Wilson, Leah Catlett, Daniel Jason Fisher, Darren Goldstein, Joshua Jackson, etc.


The plot of The Affair season 3 episode 1 is a love Story of married people. In most cases, society condemns this phenomenon, but every such case – a complex and tragic Story, which is not always so straightforward. The Main characters of the series lovers find themselves in a difficult case. Heroes «The Affair» secretly change your second half of marriage. Each audience react differently to similar cases.

One of the Main characters of the series is a writer Noah, who recently lived in a happy marriage. He has a beautiful wife and four glorious children. Whatever it was, but the head of the family tired of the daily family responsibilities and problems. to relax, he goes to the local beach, where by chance meets a beautiful woman Allison who hides a personal grief – the accidental death of her child.

Allison was married, but that did not stop her feel sympathy for Noah. Soon, between a pair of flares all-consuming passion, to which they did not resist. In spite of this, they do not intend to ruin their families.

Interesting Facts

  • The Affair season 2 finale at last gave fans a couple answers about Scotty Lockhart’s (Colin Donnell) passing, additionally teased a significant cliffhanger. As recapped in Sunday’s scene 12, it was uncovered that Scotty’s passing was a horrendous mischance that included three of the primary characters;
  • According to Variety, The Affair was recharged not long ago for the third season immediately after the premiere of the second season;
  • Joshua Jackson likewise dished on next season, telling in October of 2015 that he trusts the new scenes will concentrate on everybody at last going to a "determination" about what happened.

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