Adversary Season 1 Release Date

Adversary Season 1 Release Date


Adversary season 1 stands for a new fantasy/horror/drama TV series that will begin in 2016. Fortunately, there is news about the exact Adversary season 1 release date – it will happen on October 10, 2016. Let’s wait for the official news about the series, since the season is currently in production. Also there is no fact about the release date of Adversary season 1 on Bluray and DVD.

In Adversary season 1 episode 1 you will see the post-apocalyptic western, where science fiction & the supernatural, co-exist as one. In the world, humankind isn’t portrayed for what it must be, but instead, for what is actually.


Adversary season 1 premiere is written by Korea Black. In the main cast of Adversary premiere you will see such actors as Shawn C. Hansen, Heather Silvio and Jason Markiewitz.


The disastrous event acknowledged as The Blackening has occurred on earth. The unnatural force of mother nature has cast the world into a post-apocalyptic point out. Mankind is slowly reconstructing itself & commences to resemble the ninetieth hundred years, American Old West. There are no heroes or saviors, but instead, individuals striving to survive by any denotes essential. Nevertheless, there is a supernatural element, which has applied root back to the inside society. One which is triggering humanity to come back to its dark & violent past.

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Adversary is a brand new TV show that is in the production by Korea Black and Scarecrow Black Productions.

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Adversary Season 1 Release Date
Adversary Season 1 Release Date

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