Abstract: Art of Design Season 1

Abstract: Art of Design Season 1 Release Date


Abstract: Art of Design is a documental TV serial, which will introduce you the beauty of the world in everything. As for the season premiere, that will be really delightful and you must find a little time to watch it. The Abstract: Art of Design 1 Season release date is the 10th of February in the year of 2017.


When we talk about the cast of Actors, here it is important to mention about the only one man, who created this show and who is the only one talented character here. His name is Christoph Niemann.

The serial is directed by Morgan Neville and among the producers we must underline Emma Baiada, Scott Dadich, Laila Kabbaj, Morgan Neville, Dave O`Connor, Marcella Steingart. The editor is Jason Zeldes.


This serial will take you beyond the computers and the blueprints – here you will see the art of design and its beauty. And it really excites you at all. A lot of world shapes will be shown here and you will have a good opportunity to enjoy them at all.

Christoph is the Main actor of this serial and he is a good designer with the greatest work experience. He will introduce you the beauty of the world, so you will have a great opportunity to enjoy each of the presented moment.

There are a lot of beauty in the things, which surrounds us, but we didn’t see it – that is a big mistake. With help of the new TV show, where the Christoph will appear in the Main role, you will see the most exciting places from the new view and they will amaze you at all.


If you are a professional designer or if you have a wish to become the best designer, you must find a free time and see that serial from the beginning until the end. You will appreciate and love each of the moment, besides, this cinema masterpiece will help you to find a muse. All talented artists try to watch this serial and to enjoy each moment of it.

The new episode will be really unforgettable for you because here you will see the most outstanding details of the serial. You will also understand, how easy it is to estimate all the details and things, which are around us in everyday life and in simple moments.

When the season air date needs to be checked, this article will help you to find the necessary data.

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Christoph Niemann In Conversation With Francoise Mouly

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