Abandoned Season 2

Abandoned Season 2 Release Date


Abandoned is the reality TV series, which was produced and created in America. The season premiere was in the year of 2012 in August and only in 2016 the second season become available. The Abandoned 2 Season release date is the 19th of September this year.


You will be very surprised to see such talented and experienced cast in this serial. Each character, who play the Main or recurrent role here, make the new season the most beautiful and Interesting:

  • Rick McCrank and Bryan Beard.
  • Leon Parsons and Raymond Wrightsman.
  • Austin Bennett and Kerry Morrison.
  • Adrian Walker and Yo Banga.
  • Greg Shank and Chase Upwards.
  • Romeo Harris and Steve McGreevy.
  • Allan Neil and Jeff Byrne.
  • Claire Hail and Craig Marshall.
  • Selena Francis and Cheeraz Gormon.
  • Phil Kiddoo and Peter Francis.
  • Walker Gaffney and David Blum.
  • Jared Hawco and Marshall Ford.
  • Forest Matt and Mike Cuiffo.
  • Martha Forest and Seph Lawless.
  • Rosemary Luksic and Damon Moore.
  • Greg Torre and Julia Tozer.

The director of the serial is Alex Craig. Among the producers, it is important to mention Lauren Cynamon, Jason Ford, David Galloway, Spike Jonze, Michael Kronish, Eddy Moretti, Brendan Fitzgerald, Patrick McGuire, Daniel Morin, Shane Smith, Tania Natscheff.


This serial is a kind of exploration of abandoned spaces in the US areas. Here you will see a lot of stories behind the people life and also the beauty of the sand will be shown here. Outstanding buildings and remarkable monuments – such things become more beautiful with the time, but the other ones need a destruction and special companies do it.

In the first episode of the second season, you will see the beauty of North East of Ohio, that is the best city of Cleveland. The populations and traditions and the lifestyle of the local citizens will amaze you at all.


This serial will be the best for people, who estimate his of her time because the duration of one new episode is 22 minutes. You will be very glad to see, how Interesting it is to live the life in the other country and city.

You can use the following information when you need to name the season air date.

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The Nine Club With Chris Roberts | Episode 24 – Rick McCrank

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