800 Words Season 3

Blending both drama and comedy in the core, 800 Words serves as a new joint venture of Australian and New Zealand filmmakers. The freshman season premiere is dated back to the previous year.
The popularity of the auspicious mixture motivated the developers to render a proper verdict and the second installment appeared. To be more exact, the second season release date is August 16, 2016. This sophomore premiere has been arranged on the Seven channel as well in Australia. What is the future of the project? When can the third season air date be revealed?
As for the actual names of creators, they are James Griffin and Maxine Fleming. Meanwhile, John Holmes, Chris Bailey, Julie McGauran, Kelly Martin, James Griffin serve as executives. The studios behind the fabrication are Seven Productions and South Pacific Films.
800 Words Season 3 Cast
The acting cast of the series includes such lead actors:

  • Erik Thomson,
  • Melinda Vidler,
  • Benson Jack Anthony,
  • Michelle Langstone,
  • Emma Leonard,
  • Rick Donald and some others.

Narrative Summary

The main hero of the story named George Turner decides to change his life completely moving to the seaside in New Zealand together with his two children Shay and Arlo.
The reason for that is quite tragic – the death of George’s wife. He is set to make a fresh start in his life after becoming widowed. Well, leaving his career of the popular columnist at one of the highest rated newspapers in Sydney, he moves to a small town and hopes that everything will go in a proper improving way.
800 Words Season 3 Spoiler
His expectations come to be frustrated as his teenage children are not satisfied with his single-handed decision. All events unfold in the way that has not been predicted by him. However, maybe it is for the best.

Healthily Received

The scripted serial has been accepted with flying flowers. The average 1 million viewership has been maintained throughout the course of the first run. The second release is noted for some decline – 0.7 million watchers per each new episode. Nevertheless, it can be received as a strong level of ratings for the further production. This fact can be proved also by scores on various aggregator websites. For instance, on IMDb, it constitutes 7.4 perfect points.

As for the Future

The potential is great indeed. When can we get to know something at least regarding the future of this project? The info about the 800 Words season 3 release date, as well as cornering the immediate resumption, can be obtained only next year due to the recent second season premiere in this August, though the revival can be confirmed much earlier. Thus, just stay tuned for updates!


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