Long Island Medium Season 9

Long Island Medium Season 9 Release Date


On TLC Channel Long Island Medium Season 9 started to launch.

That season premiere is the reality genre. Here in the main role, you will see Theresa Caputo, who is a purported medium. She has a great opportunity to communicate with the people and she didn’t know, in which branch all these possibilities will be used.


This serial will be interested in many people. Here you will see the perfect plays and the professional actors, who will make it more exciting.

In the main roles we can underline the following cast of characters:

  • Theresa and Larry Caputo.
  • Victoria and Laurence Caputo.


Every episode of such season is focused on Theresa Caputo and her life. Here you will see, how she conducts the private group readings and communicate with skeptics and believers.

She is married and her family is rather happy. Her husband by the name of Larry and two beautiful children didn’t know about the possibilities of Theresa. But one day they understood everything and their relationship came to another level – they begun to be not so native because in lots of situations they didn’t understand each other.

In the year of 2011 the world had known, that lady Theresa Caputo has the new ability – now she finds easy to communicate with dead people. So, many people all over the world want to meet her and to know all the truth about their relatives or friends, which already die.

Especially, her action was very interesting for children of different ages. They think, that Theresa is just a magician, who can do anything, that she has to do. But it wasn’t actually so real.

So what will happen next? She and her family don’t expect, that everything will change in one day.


If you and the other members of your family like to watch the films, which are full of magic and unexpected moments, we will recommend you to see it. That will be very interesting for those, who think, that he or she is a medium too. Just watch the serial season by season and pay a great attention to the 9th season.

The duration of each new episode can be from 22 till 42 minutes. Everything depends on the plot.

The Long Island Medium 9 Season release date is the 5th of April in the year of 2016. That information can be used, when we are talking about the season air date.

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