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“Donnie Loves Jenny” (season 4, release date – pending) is a reality series produced in America. It dwells upon the real lives of Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy. The series starts with the wedding of the couple in the year 2014. The fourth season of the show debuted at the beginning of spring of 2016. Each episode lasts twenty-two minutes.


The cast of the series consists of the Actors representing themselves in the show. They are:

  • Jenny McCarthy,
  • Donnie Wahlberg,
  • Evan Asher,
  • Daniel McCarthy,
  • Joanne McCarthy,
  • Tammy Pescatelli,
  • Danny Wood,
  • Elijah Wahlberg.

The people who took part in the production of the series are:

  • Tricia Horn worked as the segment producer,
  • Amy Elkins worked as the supervising producer,

Jennifer Parris worked as Story producer,

  • Liz Lurie worked as field producer,
  • Benjamin Hurvitz worked as an executive producer.


Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are about to get married and spend their lives together. Public attention follows them from the moment they met to the time of their marriage. They made a decision to carry on with that tradition and to make a show, presenting all the aspects of their family life. They are willing to show the good days worth sharing, as well as bad ones you would not want people to know about normally. Their sincerity is what attracts the viewers to the series. New obstacles arise in their way as the public continues to watch the series.

We can notice that Evan, Jenny’s son, is becoming a teenager, and this will definitely bring the changes into family life and his relationship with his parents. We can also observe Donnie trying to pass his motorcycle riding test. Jenny hosts a charity auction for the people who have autism. On top of that, she needs to devote her attention to Generation Rescue. The family also has to adjust to their new suburban lifestyle in St. Charles.


The critical reviews of the series have been average and the opinions on the show differ. However, the audience of the show has been big enough to foresee the continuation. Approximately six hundred and forty thousand spectators watched the premier of the third season. In case the level of popularity stays the same, we are likely to see the prolongation of the show in the fourth season in the nearest future.

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