The Americans. Season 5

The Americans. Season 5 Release Date


The season 5 of the Americans is just the continuation of the story. That is also full of interesting and exciting events, which amaze the people of all the ages.


If you like the serials, where a lot of talented actors take part, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Carrie Russel.
  • Mattie Riss.
  • Noa Emmerick.
  • Holly Tailor.
  • Keydrich Sellati.
  • Lew Gorn.
  • Richard Thomas.
  • Elison Rait.
  • Annet Machendry.
  • Susan Misner.

The directors of the serial are Daniel Sakham, Thomas Shlami, Kevin Dayling. The executive directors are Joseph Weissberg, Joel Fields, and Mike Batistick. The producers are Joseph Weissberg, Joel Fields, and Joshua Brand. The operators are Richard Rutkowski, Alex Nepomniashi, and Alan Kazuo. The composer is Natan Bar.


The main heroes are two people, who work in FBI. They are the couple, who married many years ago. Their aim, which they have on their work, was to come to a little city of Washington in the time when Reagan was voted as a president.

Their marriage was rather emotional and full of complicated moments, but they didn’t give up. Their dangerous relationship must be connected because their first aim was to observe the situation and to know everything about it. The situation was rather complex, so here a lot of interesting things happen. You will be happy to see the continuation if you had to watch it earlier.


The Americans season 5 release date was the 11th August this year. The age of people, who want to watch it, must be at least 18. It is a little bit of drama and criminal, where everything is possible.

If you want to know more about the duration of one episode, we must say, that it lasts approximately 45 minutes. That time is really suitable because it can propose you the most interesting and exciting moments. Watch the fifth season and you will become really happy.

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