My 600-lb Life Season 5

My 600-lb Life Season 5 Release Date


My 600-lb Life is a very Interesting serial with reality features. Each new episode will present you the morbidly obese person, who have a wish to reduce the health level and assist the gastric bypass surgery. The season premiere of the 5th season will amaze you. The My 600-lb Life 5 Season release date is the 8th of February this year, so if you have enough time, watch it and you will be satisfied.


In that, serial, you will see the most beautiful cast ever. It includes the following people:

  • Melissa Morris and Younan Nowzaradan.
  • Donald Shelton and Henry Foots.
  • Ashley Randall and Gordon Bacon.
  • Carol Bodenheimer and Kenneth Brumley.
  • Michelle Burchett and Mike Dow.
  • Randolph W. Evans and John F. Irwin.
  • Stefan Kreuzer and Jamie Lottinger.
  • Jose Madrigal and Rosie Medina.
  • Chris Morris and Jonathan Nowzaradan.
  • Barbara Robbins and Billy Robbins.
  • Claudia Schackart and Dave Schackart.
  • Sandy Stacey and Darlene Warner.
  • Darlene Whitaker and Olivia Cruz.
  • Penny Saeger and Chuck Turner.
  • Nissa Turner and Zsalynn Whitworth.
  • Zoe Wexler.

The director is Jonathan Nowzaradan, Conor McAnally. The producers are Jack Tarantino, Chris O`Neill, Lisa Rosen, Robb Jacobson, Michel Scott, Rob Bowman, Graham Davidson, Shannon McGarvey, Rachelle Mendez, Juliet Maggio, Leslie Appleyard, Dawn Cooped Johnson.


The Storyline of this serial is rather unusual. Here you will see two women and two men, who have the weight more, than 600 pounds. They want to do the gastric surgery, which will help them to lose the weight. But the only one problem is that they must change their lifestyles in order to get the perfect shape and to live the life fully and happily.


People, who also have problems with weight will be very satisfied with this serial because here you will see all the difficulties, which people have on their ways to success. They are ready to do all the exercises and eat healthy food in order to become better, stronger and beautiful.

You will be shocked when you see the results because they are rather great and outstanding. Each new episode will be unforgettable.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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