60 Days In Season 3

60 Days In is a documentary TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by A&E with the first season release date on the 10th of March 2016. Internationally the series was released under the title The Jail: 60 Days In. The show is broadcast in more than a hundred territories all over the world. 60 Days In season 3 release date hasn’t been announced, however, the project enjoys enormous popularity and the producers aren’t planning to shut it down. About

Every new episode of the series films seven people that agree to spend 60 days in the Clark County Jail undercover. The filming is done in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Their aim is to get proof of numerous illegal activities happening in there because most of them simply stay unnoticed by surveillance systems.

60 Days In Season 3 date release

Cast Season 1

  • Jamey Noel – the creator of this undercover program. He’s the Clark County Sheriff. Featured in the second season of the show.
  • Scottie Maples – works at the office of the Sheriff as the Public Information Officer. His duty is to train and consult the volunteers.
  • Maryum May May Ali – Muhammad Ali’s daughter. Has a degree in Social Work. She’s also an ex-rapper and comedian.
  • Barbra Roylance Williams – a wife and a mother of two kids. Managed to become friends with Clark County Jail women while being undercover.
  • Tami Ferraiuolo – an ex-police officer from Rhode Island. Joelle, her wife, visited her in Jail. She’s got a daughter.
  • Robert Holcomb – a teacher from Philadelphia who had to leave jail due to some unknown illness.
  • Isaiah Jenkins – his brother has spent five years in jail. Isaiah’s mom visited him in prison.
  • Zachary Baker – a former member of US Marine Corps from Tennessee. He’s willing to become a DEA agent. Ashleigh Marie Baker, his wife, visited him in jail, which was a real struggle for her – some time ago, she had spent real time imprisoned.
  • Jeffrey Downs originates from Iowa. Wants to turn into a Correctional Officer. Had to leave the project due to an incident with one of the inmates.

60 Days In Season 3

Cast Season 2

  • Ashleigh Marie Baker – Zachary Baker’s wife. Was addicted to alcohol when being a teenager. Managed to beat this addiction and now she’s a new participant of the series.
  • Brian – an attorney working in Corrections & Rehabilitation’s Office. His duty is to control misconducting Correctional Officers. Had to leave the show after threats from Corey Daffron, one of the inmates.
  • Chris – decided to participate to get how jail has affected his brother’s life and behavior. Had to leave the show in 24 hours due to an illness.
  • Dion Shepherd – studies criminology in Detroit. He was afraid he could end up in jail like most of the members of his family. However, he managed to become successful in Criminology and Law.
  • Monalisa Johnson – the founder of advocacy group incarcerated children and their parents. Her daughter is imprisoned for 10 years.
  • Quintin – an ex-Police Captain currently working on private investigation and bounty hunting.
  • Sheri – an ex-corrections officer. Has three kids. Her husband got back from Afghanistan and she’s willing to revive her career.
  • Ryan – an ex-military medic willing to turn into a police officer.

60 Days In Season 3

3rd Season Air Date

There’s no official info on the release of the third installment of 60 Days In, but the series is enormously popular not only in the USA but all over the world. The producers will not shut down a project successful as that. Stay tuned not to miss a new episode of the upcoming renewal!

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